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Paper To You

Paper to You’s - Peony Bunch

Paper to You’s - Peony Bunch

Paper to You

Debra Jordan & Brooke Smith are a mother and daughter team. Paper to you was conceived in January 2013 from an idea that Brooke had after completing a craft course in paper construction. Debra, a nurse for 26 years, saw a gap in the market for flowers that would never die or wilt when given to patients in the hospital. After spending some time refining their craft they launched their paper floristry business Paper to You.

Remember that old button tin your nanna had? Or perhaps it was the pile of cards or wrapping paper tucked away at the back of the cupboard. Or children’s books where a budding young artist has scribbled on its pages or the corners are torn. Or house plans or a cherished book whose spine no longer holds its pages together.

Paper to You, Brooke and Debra take these treasured mementos and recreate them into everlasting paper flowers. Paper flowers require no watering; they do not die or smell and are pollen free – great for allergy sufferers – and they provide colour all year round with virtually no maintenance.